Modicon LMC058

Modicon LMC058


Speed up machine design

  • Same software for PLC and motion controller.
  • Application Function Blocks to solve complex application requests.
  • Motion library for programming, commissioning and diagnostics.

Reduce size, cost, assembly time & maintenance

  • Use one product for motion & logic treatments
  • With multiple integrated features an communication ports, reduce your assembly time with field buses (CANopen, CANmotion or Sercos)
  • Easy diagnostics through transparency and remote access

Modicon LMC058 – this controller is the optimum solution for synchronized axis control and positioning, including automation functions. The Modicon LMC058 includes as standard a CANopen master and a CANmotion master dedicated to control of up to 8 synchronized axes, with a performance of 2 ms for 4 axes.

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